Sunday, 2 November 2014

5 Fantastic Facebook Fixes [With Visuals]

Facebook is a fantastically free platform for marketers. However, there are a few things, that with a little tweak, can drastically improve your efforts.
I’ve come up with five easy-peasy Facebook fixes that everyone should try


1. Select Category & Subcategory:

You may have missed this little change, but Facebook is now asking pages to pick their Category and Subcategory, which you previously could only do when setting up your page.
  • Just go to ‘Edit Page’ >
  • ‘Update Page Info’ >
  • and choose ‘Edit’ next to Category and Subcategory.
  • Choose wisely! These important sections will help you get found.

 2. Posting Times:

Don’t just post when YOU think it’s the right time! I see so many Facebook admins just slapping up a post each morning. With the new Facebook Insights, you don’t have to play the guessing game. To find out the best times to post:
  • Click ‘See All’ under ‘Insights’ in your admin panel >
  • Click ‘Posts’ in the top menu >
  • Click ‘When Your Fans Are Online’ >
  • Scroll over the ‘Times’ chart to see what time the majority of your fans are online.
  • Pick a time right before your highest peak to post for a week and see how your results look.
  • *Remember to test often! These times change weekly, sometimes more.
3. Cover Photo:
While we all know it’s important to utilize a visually pleasing and eye-catching Cover Photo to attract more fans, it’s also important to be sure this photo is converting those fans, too! Add a description with a call-to-action (CTA) to your Cover Photo and place a clickable URL for fans to visit your website, a landing page with a marketing magnet, your upcoming webinar, etc. Put your Facebook Page to work!

4. Ask Questions (that matter!):

Most marketers know that asking questions on your Facebook Page is a super way of boosting engagement. However, many admins ask mundane questions like, “What did you have for lunch?” or “How’s the weather where you are?”
Instead of asking a question solely to garner engagement, ask questions that will help you with your own business and marketing!
For instance, we ask a lot of questions about social media to find out what people are feeling about a certain topic; this helps us make decisions about the social media marketing tactics we use in the future.

5. Respond Quickly (and in real-time when possible):

Real-time marketing, customer service and responses are EXTREMELY important to having successful social media strategies and campaigns. We can no longer afford to answer if and when we feel like it; consumers expect a response within ONE HOUR on social platforms!
To take it one step further, respond quickly AND sign off with your name or initials. This will not only meet real-time marketing requirements, but will help your fans feel more connected to your company or brand. Humanizing your company and putting a “face” or “name” with your social media efforts is always a plus!
Bonus Tip: Use their name, too! Personalization helps connect you to your prospects as well.

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