Monday, 3 November 2014

Skype Buttons

What is a Skype button?

Add a Skype button to your websites and let people get in touch with just the click of a button. Whether they're on a computer or mobile, they will get through with a voice call or an instant message.

Click HERE to go to Skype Create Buttons Page


Call us on Skype! if you have that option and save money on calls plus you can get face to face time.

Call us on our service mobile via Skype! if you have that option


And don't forget...

You'll need to update your Skype setting to allow incoming calls or messages from people who are not on your contact list. . Need help? Check out the FAQ
Note: Not on Skype or can't pick up? Simply forward your Skype calls so you'll never miss a call.
Your use of Skype buttons implies access to and use of Skype software, as governed by Skype's Terms of Use. You also agree to the terms of the Microsoft Corporation Technical Documentation License Agreement.

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